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RAKSO® Fireplace Glass Cleaner (2 Pads)

RAKSO® Fireplace Glass Cleaner (2 Pads)

Perfect dry cleaning without chemicals for all fireplace glass.
The RAKSO® Fireplace Glass Cleaner consists of a double layer of the finest microfibers and ensures scratch-free cleaning of the sooty fireplace glass.
The elastic fiber fleece absorbs even stubborn soot and dirt.
Simply wipe the cold fireplace glass dry and knock out the glass cleaner.
This means you can quickly get a clear view of the fire again.
The RAKSO® Fireplace Glass Cleaner is reusable.

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Instructions for use

  • Wipe cold, sooty glass panes dry with RAKSO® Fireplace Glass Cleaner.
  • Simply knock the soot out of the chimney window cleaner, do not wash it out.
  • Regular use prevents stubborn soot or resin deposits from the wood on the disc.

Scope of delivery

  • 2 fireplace glass cleaner pads (1 pack)

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