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Multi-segment burner plate (10 to 20kW)

Multi-segment burner plate (10 to 20kW)

The multi-segment burner plate replaces the old, smooth burner plate and fits all pellet boilers in the power range from 10 to 20kW.
Simply replace it with the old burner plate, no modification is necessary.

The multi-segment burner plate's many movable links (segments) ensure that deposits on the burner plate are loosened, thereby ensuring a constant supply of combustion air.

If your pellet boiler has an automatic burner plate cleaning, you will need the " conversion kit for burner plate cleaning " when converting from the smooth burner plate to the multi-segment burner plate.

Important NOTE:
You can find the power of your pellet boiler on the nameplate attached to your boiler.
Please do not read the power from the operating instructions!

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