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Bearing (plastic) for the auger

Bearing (plastic) for the auger

Plastic bearing for the auger.
When using these bearings, the auger often runs more easily and quietly.
Plastic bearings are self-lubricating, durable, and resistant to high loads and temperatures.

You can choose between the following variants:

  • lower plastic bearing, or
  • upper plastic bearing, or
  • lower and upper plastic bearing as a set

The lower (large) bearing is located at the bottom of the auger motor.
The upper (small) bearing is located at the top of the auger.

Please select the desired bearing.

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Scope of delivery

depending on the selection:

  • 1 lower plastic bearing, or
  • 1 upper plastic bearing, or
  • 1 set (includes 1 lower plastic bearing and 1 upper plastic bearing)

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