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Soot removal pellets

Soot removal pellets

Soot removal pellets are catalytic cleaning pellets that enable residue-free combustion, especially of tar deposits in exhaust pipes and devices.
These residues are responsible for most chimney fires.
Supports but does not replace the prescribed mechanical cleaning by the chimney sweep.
The use of soot remover pellets as a supplement allows to improve efficiency.
In addition, regular use of the soot remover pellets allows optimal maintenance of the equipment.

  • 2 in 1: Heats and cleans stoves and boilers at the same time.
  • Optimal preservation of the apparatus.
  • Improves effectiveness.
  • Residue-free combustion of tar deposits in fireplaces and pellet stoves and in exhaust pipes.


Frequency of


1-2 fires
per week

3-4 fires
per week



1 dose

1 dose

1 dose

1 dose

Maintenance: - 1 dose
3 weeks
1 dose
2 months
1 dose

For larger pellet boilers (such as ÖkoFEN, Paradigma, KWB, etc.) double the dose.
The specified dose serves as a guideline, since it depends on the frequency of use of the respective device and on the performance, the quality of the heating pellets, the settings and the installation situation of your device.

Example: System without buffer storage ➔ frequent starts and modulation in the low power range ➔ more sooting due to poorer efficiency.

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Instructions for use

  • The pellets that are in a sachet represent one dose. This should be used in its entirety.
  • When your device's container is three-quarters empty, pour the entire contents of the sachet into the container.
  • Use your device as usual.
  • For dry cleaning before the start of the heating season, use the entire contents of the sachet 2 to 4 weeks before the scheduled annual maintenance. For maintenance, take the entire contents of the sachet and follow the dosage indicated on the table.
  • For a pellet boiler, double the indicated dose.

Areas of application:

  • Especially for cleaning tar residues in pellet stoves.
  • Simply added, heats and cleans heat exchangers and exhaust pipes at the same time.
  • Attacks the tar and facilitates mechanical cleaning.
  • Increases efficiency and reduces the risk of a chimney fire.
  • Simple application.

Scope of delivery

  • 1 bag (1.5kg) soot remover pellets

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