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Bearing (bronze) for the auger -wodtke S5-

Bearing (bronze) for the auger -wodtke S5-

Bronze bearing for the auger.
These bearings are factory installed, are self-lubricating and have good durability.

You can choose between the following variants:

  • lower bronze bearing, or
  • upper bronze bearing, or
  • lower and upper bronze bearing as a set

The lower (large) bearing is located at the bottom of the auger motor.
The upper (small) bearing is located at the top of the auger.
Important: with the ixbase and ixpower oven types, there are only large bearings at the top and bottom.

Please select the desired bearing.

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Scope of delivery

depending on the selection:

  • 1 lower bronze bearing, or
  • 1 upper bronze bearing, or
  • 1 set (includes 1 lower bronze bearing and 1 upper bronze bearing)

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