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Ash separator

Ash separator

Ash separator (without motor) with a volume of 20L.
The flexible plastic hose prevents surfaces from being scratched and, with the attached metal nozzle, is approx. 1.70 m long.
Ideal for cleaning pellet heaters and fireplace stoves as well as grills, or for vacuuming construction dust, for example.

The hose of your existing vacuum cleaner plugs into the top of the ash separator. Now switch on the vacuum cleaner at low power and clean as usual. Most of the ash ends up in the separator.
You can also use the included HEPA filter, but this naturally becomes clogged more quickly. The filter can be carefully rinsed under clean water.
Please only vacuum out cold ash (<50°C) and pay attention to any remaining embers.

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Instructions for use

Scope of delivery

  • 1 ash separator including hose
  • 1 metal nozzle
  • 1 HEPA filter

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