wodtke pellet stove types

wodtke Bedienboards S2 & S4

wodtke pellet stoves

You can easily see which controls your wodtke pellet stove has on the control panel:

  • S1 and S2 controls have an analog control board (without display)
  • S3, S4 and S5 controls have a digital control board (with display)

The designation can be found on the type plate (back, inside of the pellet container, inside of the combustion chamber door or at the bottom right behind the ventilation grille). You will also find a reference to your stove type on your invoice.
The designation can be appended with:

"air+" or no attachment ➔ air device
"water+" or "WW" ➔ water-carrying devices (boiler devices)

Below is an illustrated overview of the devices, their designations and the controls.
(Covering parts may vary in color)

You can download the spare parts list for your device as a PDF by clicking on “air+” or “water+”.

Ovens shown with * are no longer available as new devices.